Liz Esch is a skilled counselor specializing in Play Therapy in Beaufort, SC. Walk and Talk Counseling & Talk Therapy also offered. 20 Years experience.

Some find that tapping into nature's resources helps them to be more creative when problem solving.  Others find that nature's ability to soothe, calm and relax is beneficial when dealing with anxiety, grief or stress. 

Regardless of the reason, do you want to give Walk and Talk a try?  Contact Liz Today.

Do you enjoy being outdoors and/or find nature to be soothing?

Do you want to engage in therapy but don't want to sit in a room with someone staring at you while you talk?

Do you like to multitask by trying to get steps in whenever possible?

If you said yes to any of these,

then Walk and Talk might be for you!

In many ways Walk and Talk is very similar to traditional talk therapy, but it combines the benefits of a traditional talk session with the action of taking a pleasant  walk outside. 

​​​​​​​Liz EschRPT-S, LISW-CP(S)                   Counseling & Play Therapy 

​      Call or Text:  1  (843)  790 - 5900          Email:   Liz@WalkTalkPlayTherapy.com            5 Promenade St. Bluffton, SC 29910  &  1203 Paris Ave. Port Royal, SC 29935