Liz Esch is a skilled counselor specializing in Play Therapy in Beaufort, SC. Walk and Talk Counseling & Talk Therapy also offered. 20 Years experience.

 With a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work  
and 20 years experience as a therapist I have the expertise to assist you with setting goals 
and working your way towards 
less stress, less sadness and the life you desire. 

During sessions I believe in utilizing a Client Centered approach while also utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Techniques.​  This means that during your sessions you will feel valued, listened to, and respected while making measurable progress towards your goal.   


​​​​​​​Liz EschRPT-S, LISW-CP                    Counseling & Play Therapy             Call or Text: 1 (843)  790 - 5900                  1203 Paris Ave. Port Royal, SC 29906